Privacy Policy

What personal data do we collect, and why?


When a site visitor leaves a comment, we collect the data visible in the comment form, as well as the IP address of the visitor and the signature of the visitor’s browser in order to detect spam.

Contact forms

This is all the information you provide voluntarily when completing a contact form.


We store cookies (i.e. small text information about the user’s activity while visiting our website) on your terminal device (e.g. computer, tablet, smartphone), and then we gain access to the information contained in them in order to prepare website visit statistics and support the website’s facilities.

We would like to inform you that there is a possibility of such a configuration of a web browser, which makes it impossible to store cookies on your terminal device.

We also remind you that you can delete cookies through the appropriate functions of your web browser, programs for this purpose or use the appropriate tools available through the operating system that you use.

If you leave a comment on our site, you will be able to choose to save your name, e-mail address and website address in cookies, so that while writing future comments the above information will be conveniently completed. These cookies expire after one year.

How long do we keep your data?

If you leave a comment, its content and metadata will be stored indefinitely. Thanks to this, we are able to recognize and approve subsequent comments automatically, without verifying them individually.

Where do we send the data?

Guest comments are reviewed using the automatic spam detection system.