Online gambling games – a risky hobby?

Thanks to technological development, traditional gambling games such as one-armed bandit, poker or baccarat have moved online. Now you can play for real money without leaving the house. All you need is good WiFi and some cash. But don’t online gambling games provide more opportunities for scammers? How safe is online gambling?

Online gambling games – a brief history

Ever since the first personal computers became available on the market, software developers started creating different types of games. They didn’t have impressive graphics, but they did provide some escape from everyday life. Those were simple programs, easy to use, without a sophisticated interface. Who among the old veterans doesn’t remember Solitaire from the now archaic Windows versions? Games of this type constituted an integral part of the system, they didn’t even require installation. I mentioned Solitaire here for a reason – other card games also got their virtual imitations. Among them were popular gambling games, such as poker, baccarat or blackjack. The opponent was obviously the computer, back then nobody even thought about network gaming.

With the advent of the Internet, it was only natural that gambling games moved online. First they were played for fun, using virtual currencies, but over the years there was a growing number of places where one could play with real money. These days online gambling games are something as natural as search engines, they have become an integral part of the WWW landscape.

Some players, however, especially the older ones, are skeptical towards online gambling games. They ask: how can we have a guarantee that the casino isn’t cheating since we can’t see the croupier’s hands? Aren’t the slot machines rigged to give online casinos an edge over the player? How to do Safe gambling online?

Online gambling games and safety

The concerns that beginning players have are not just about potential scams but also the security of financial transactions. What if the casino is based abroad? Aren’t we, when playing Gambling games on the Internet such as Sizzling Hot, at risk of having our account wiped clean?

The answer to such question should be that the best protection against dishonest practices is to simply use the services of trusted online casinos. By trusted we mean the ones that enjoy huge popularity and are solvent. It doesn’t take a lot to find out something substantial about a particular casino, check the reviews by other web users and read rankings of online casinos. Online casino lists turn out to be very helpful. They allow you to find out which online casinos are trustworthy.

Another aspect to take into account is having a license that allows to host gambling games. Before you use the services of an online casino, it is a must to check if it holds the adequate documents. The information on that can usually be found in the website’s footer.

Are online casinos supervised?

Online casinos are subject to The same supervision as brick & mortar casinos. That’s why you don’t have to worry about getting scammed. Like in any other industry, this one also has its scammers, but they are easy to expose. All you have to do is check how the casino plays, whether it holds an adequate license, what web users say about it, what ratings it gets in rankings. The quantity and quality of gambling games available shouldn’t be the only criterion taken into account when choosing an online casino. Free gambling games are featured in nearly every online casino’s offer, which is why that’s not what you should focus on.

Free online games

Gambling games in vast majority of online casinos are free. That doesn’t mean that they don’t require investing your own funds. Online casinos may offer new players so-called free spins that allow to win quite impressive amounts for free, without making a deposit. The number of free spins, however, is limited. Once they’re used up, you need to credit your account in order to be able to play gambling games for free (I especially recommend Book of Ra and Sizzling Hot). Not to mention that free spins are not only given to new customers of an online casino but also the most active players, like under a bonus or an extra for their loyalty card. Another interesting bonus are free games only available to regulars. They look seemingly like gambling machines available in brick & mortar venues.

Online gambling games

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The selection of online games

As for the games themselves that online casinos have to offer, the selection is truly wide and everyone is bound to find something for themselves. The hosts of gambling games, who need to compete for customers, keep improving their services, making free versions of latest games available, granting players bonuses and extras, Free spins, as well as expanding their websites with interesting informational materials and guides. It is good to know which games no casino online should go without in order to make the right choice.

The most popular gambling games for free

The greatest popularity is enjoyed by the one-armed bandit. It is an umbrella name for many games that consist of drawing symbols out of a strictly limited pool. The player’s task is to simply press the button – if you draw the same symbols on each reel, you win. If you don’t, you lose the money invested. Which makes the rules simple. The more Free spins you get at the start, the higher your chances of winning without investing your own money.

Where to find the biggest number of Free spins?

The greatest popularity among this type of games is enjoyed by such titles as Book of Ra and Sizzling Hot. These are the classic choices that one simply cannot ignore. Quite a popularity is also enjoyed by productions from Novomatic and Microgaming: Always Hot, Faust or Mega Joker (due to the high number of Free spins, among other things). If you haven’t played Free gambling games before, these are where you should start from. They have everything that allows the one-armed bandit to still reign supreme in the rankings of best gambling games.

Safe gambling online – the conclusion

Gambling games online are available for free – you don’t have to buy them. All you have to do is visit the casino’s website and register an account. A common standard in the industry are Free gambling games that you can play in your browser. Which means you don’t need to download software to your hard drive. If you’re worried about security and don’t want to take chances, only visit Tested and renowned services. You can play gambling games for free on any device, purely for fun or with real stakes. Just remember not to go too far!