An online casino? Is this legal?

The gambling games enthusiasts aren’t just stuck with brick and mortar casinos. Everyone who would like to try their luck with slot machines, blackjack or poker can use the services of an online casino. Where to find the best casino? What to have in mind when choosing? All of that will be discussed below.

A legal online casino

An Internet casino is based on the same mechanisms and principles as brick & mortar casinos. Its operation is monitored by adequate institutions the task of which is to prevent abuse on the game hosts’ part. After all, nobody would like to play on a slot machine that was rigged to prevent the player from ever winning. That’s why it is better to first make sure if the organizer has a license for running a casino with games. If they don’t hold such document, their operation is illegal, outside of any institution’s supervision.

In order not to get scammed, it is the best to simply use the services of legal casinos. A detailed list of All legal casinos can be easily found online.

In the event of being found out by relevant authorities, the greatest consequences obviously hit the host (running an illegal casino is punishable with prison time). However, the players participating in Illegal gambling may also be held accountable.

An online or a brick and mortar casino?

There has been a noticeable increase in the number of patrons in brick and mortar casinos. That doesn’t actually mean that gambling enthusiasts don’t use online casinos. Those are attracting hundreds of new people who are trying their luck with one-armed bandit, blackjack or poker. Of course there are still illegal services popping up that also enjoy popularity among players, although one should remember about the potential consequences of using such websites. There have been cases of people who had to pay a Fine equal to the amount of their winnings.

A legal online casino – the rules of play

In order to be able to play any game available at an online casino, one needs an identity document that confirms being over the age of 18 years. Minors are not authorized to participate in gambling games. Another condition required to use a website’s offer is Registering own account. The purpose of this procedure is to verify the user’s age.

So if you’d like to play in an online casino anonymously, without registering an account, it is technically possible, but don’t expect any winnings. Online casinos in the demo version allow you to familiarize yourself with individual games without being able to make any bets or winning any money. Real stakes can be played Only after registering.

Compare casinos before you start playing

Before you decide to use the offer of a particular casino, first compare it with the offers of other casinos. It’s a good idea to take into account not only the number of games available within an offer, but also the RTP rate of slots, Customer service, honesty of the hosts. How to check it all out? By doing research online.

If you wish to find a good casino, use gambling message boards. You can also look for info on websites such as ours. There are many reliable sources where you can find knowledge on particular casinos.

Regular users of websites with slots and other gambling games know which websites are Trustworthy and which should better be avoided. Read Threads on message boards and check out if a casino you have on your mind really deserves your attention.

Remember that every legal casino has a special license to host gambling games. The most reliable is the MGA license, whereas Curacao is slightly less renowned. It is also better to check the available Payment methods: the one most trusted among players is Trustly.

It is not difficult to find a ranking of best casinos online, make use of such lists and follow the News from the gambling world regularly. That way you will know which websites are better not to visit so that you don’t get scammed. Another helpful resource is tips included in different types of guides.

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Why use rankings of online casinos?

Once you want to start your gambling adventure, you should do it the right way. Don’t get scammed by shady companies that take advantage of gullible players. Never enter the first random casino you find without first checking whether it holds an adequate license. It is also necessary to check the reviews for a particular website. Only choose professional websites that enjoy huge popularity. The more players, the better. A huge number of users always makes such place more reliable.

If you don’t know where to start, visit a trusted website and check the ranking of online casinos. There are plenty of such rankings online, not all of them are reliable, but majority of them allows to check out which casinos are Trustworthy and which should be avoided.
It is not always the case that the casinos on the first page of search results have the best offers. Sometimes it’s a good idea to dig a little deeper. By using reliable rankings of online casinos you can avoid scams and give yourself chances of huge winnings.

Imagine you have won half a million euro, you’ve invested a lot of funds in it, and then in the end it turns out that the casino is insolvent and because of that you won’t get your winnings. Nobody would like to end up in a situation like that. And yet such things happen to many players from different countries. That’s exactly why it’s better to use rankings of best casinos as a reference. Another important factor is the selection of games available on the platform. Such casino games as Book of Ra are an absolute default.

Online casinos with the highest view count

We always get e-mails from you asking about the best online casino. It is difficult to give clear answer to that, as there are tons of websites that offer gambling games. You may already know some of them, others have been put on registers of illegal casinos for their dishonest practices or for operating without a license. Beginning players register on message boards where they look for addresses worth visiting. Except the word of mouth does not cover all the possibilities that novices have at their disposal.

Each ranking of online casinos made by trusted institutions allows to learn something about the current situation in the world of gambling. The more such rankings you check, the better. You will get a good comparison this way.
A good ranking of casinos is made based on at least several criteria. Professional websites that specialize in such comparisons take into account the legality of a particular casino obviously (whether it has a license), the number of games, payouts, the RTP rate for slot machines, as well as many other factors. Also not without significance are reviews from people on the Internet.

A dishonest online casino will usually get quickly Exposed and lose its customers, then get closed down. That’s why, before you start doing research on your own, it is always a good idea to check some good ranking of online casinos, so that you can pick the best casino that offers the Payment methods and playing rules most convenient to the users.

A casino with high jackpots

When choosing an online casino, besides the factors listed above, it is also a good idea to take into account the amount of jackpots. It’s not just about the RTP rate, but also the amounts of potential winnings.
Slot machines with a very high RTP might have low jackpots, whereas those with lower ones allow to win decent money, up to a few hundred thousand euro. There are several online casinos worth recommending. You will find new gambling games there that give chances of huge winnings, like Book of Ra. Each honestly made ranking of the best casinos makes a very helpful tip. Such comparisons make it much easier to make a choice. Without them, players would have to rely on themselves only.

Every patron of online casinos at some point started playing without knowing which websites to visit. The word of mouth may technically allow to develop opinions on certain places, but a ranking of the best online casinos is made based on an array of different factors that players don’t always take into account.

Speaking of online casinos with high jackpots, it would be a sin not to mention such slots as Book of Death, Mega Fortune and Hall of Gods from Netent. If you want to win big, go for online casinos with these exact slot machines. Of course not every casino that has these games in their offer is Trustworthy – all of the factors we mentioned above should be taken into account when choosing.

online casino

How about some bonus?

In good online casinos you can expect a welcome bonus. Under such bonus, the player gets such things as a specified number of free spins or the ability to play games not available in the default mode, for example. Such no deposit bonus is a very nice present from the casino. It encourages you to visit more often and be more active. Welcome bonuses have pretty much become a standard at this point, you can get them in most of the best online casinos.

Each casino does their best to attract customers. It’s an industry just like any other – the competition is big and requires one or another compromise in favor of the customer. Some of online casinos fight for players with staggering numbers of free spins (a no deposit bonus is a great way to lure novices in).
You may also get a special bonus for making a deposit or registering an account on the website. Every bonus is quite a treat. Below we will try to classify The most popular bonuses available in online casinos, where free spins are only part of the offer.

Deposit bonus

It is The most popular bonus offered by online casinos. Most casinos offers a 100% bonus, although there are websites where you can get as much as 200% or 400%. What does it mean? A 100% bonus is an additional 100% of the amount deposited. Let’s say you deposited 100 euro. In such case you start the game with 200 euro in your balance. To make sure everything’s clear, though, you should always carefully read the casino’s terms of use, especially paying attention to all mentions of potential bonuses. So as you can see, free spins are not the only bonus you can get.

No deposit bonus

A no deposit bonus is granted to players at the start, right after registering an account on the website. You don’t have to deposit anything to get it. A no deposit bonus is also granted to the users who often use the casino’s services, i.e. together with a loyalty card. That’s one of the most appealing types of bonuses. All you have to do is register an account, you don’t have to risk your own funds, at least not until you use up your entire bonus.

Reload bonus

A reload bonus is in many ways similar to the 100% bonus. The difference here is that One has to register an account at a particular online casino. That’s another incentive to play. Most online casinos give a reload bonus once a week or month, some do it more or less often. A lot depends here on the player’s activity. Those most active have higher chances of getting a reload bonus.

Types of online casinos

We have already roughly highlighted the differences between traditional brick & mortar casinos and online casinos above. Now it’s time to take a closer look at different types of Internet casinos. The gambling games enthusiasts have a very wide selection to choose from.
It has to do with the constantly growing market that, in response to the consumers’ expectations, keeps making its offers more and more appealing. Just a few decades ago, serious gambling was only available for the few.

These days, thanks to the development of digital technologies, everyone can play poker, blackjack or one-armed bandit without leaving the house. That’s a huge progress. It is not just the access to casino games that improved, though, but also many other things.
Online casinos have expanded their offers, started perfecting it in different ways, wanting to attract as many players as possible. Below we will describe in a few words the types of online casinos. It needs to be emphasized here that it is not a ranking of online casinos, just a Simplified classification.

Flash casinos

This enigmatic name is an umbrella term for all websites where you can play new gambling games Without downloading any software on your hard drive. It’s a perfect option for those players who don’t want to risk downloading a virus or the complications accompanying the installation process.

Flash casinos owe their name to the Flash technology, which allows to create and display animations unavailable on the HTML layer. A vast majority of games available at online casinos were actually made using Flash. The casinos found in this category are also interchangeably called instant casinos, as the user can start playing right away, without downloading anything. It’s a very convenient solution, preferred by majority of players, as survey results show.

Downloadable casinos

Some of online casinos require the user to download the games to their PC. Contrary to a popular belief, it isn’t actually that rare. Such limitations are especially chosen by the casinos that wish to protect themselves from dishonest customers. They have less visits than casinos that make online games available through a browser, but they are pretty prosperous as well.

The greatest downside with this type of casinos is the risk that always comes with installing Unknown software on the hard drive. Besides legal and legitimate online casinos, scammers also operate this way. That’s why we should always search info on a particular casino before we decide to use its services.

Casinos with additional functionalities

Besides standard casinos (flash or downloadable), players can also use websites with much more to offer. Modern gambling platforms are filled with all kinds of functionalities that can’t be found in regular online casinos.

Games available in such places are more elaborate, with better visuals, and compatible with all types of devices. No matter if you play on a laptop, smartphone or tablet, the game will adapt to the display’s dimensions, color scale and all the other variables, which allows it to work and look perfectly.
The casinos of this type usually have less free spins to offer than standard websites.

Mobile casinos

Mobile gambling websites enjoy huge popularity among players. You can play them in a waiting room, on a bus, at school, at university. In other words: in every place with Internet access. The best mobile casinos have hundreds of games to offer, as well as different bonuses. Some of the online casinos of this type don’t require installing anything on your phone, whereas some of them only work after installing a dedicated app.

Live casinos

A huge popularity is also enjoyed by casinos that allow their players to interact with a croupier in real time (the so-called live casinos). The online casinos of this type allow to get even more into the atmosphere of gambling games.
Players from all around the world can play a game of blackjack, poker or baccarat with the croupier. They may also play roulette or any other gambling game.

At the best casinos that offer live streaming, the players have the ability to watch the table from different perspectives, they can chat with each other, as well as use different types of conveniences that make the game more interesting. A live casino is an option for The most demanding users.

Fast withdrawal casinos

When choosing an online casino, it’s always a good idea to take one more criterion into account: the Withdrawal times. Nobody likes to wait too long for their winnings, especially when they are many times higher than the monthly salary. That’s why some of casinos cooperate with third-party services that offer quick transfers. That way you can get your money in a flash.

If patience is not among your virtues, go for casinos that pay out really fast. It might seem that instant transfers are a standard, but you may never know. Even the best online casinos may not have such option available. Which means that those using the website may have to wait a few days for their transfer to get through. It is better to carefully check the terms of use for that, see the Payment methods available on the casino’s website and find out how long a money transfer takes.

Best payout casinos

This group includes online casinos that offer The highest winnings possible. Such websites stand out among the competitors and attract huge amounts of players. High stakes don’t necessarily have to come with difficulties, a limited number of Payment methods or lowered quality of casino games. In reality, the online casinos with the best payouts don’t differ that much from other casinos, except for obviously the winning amounts (this is real money). You can win progressive jackpots with them.

Social media casinos

In the era of Facebook and Twitter, online casinos are becoming more and more like social media websites. It is not just about games anymore, but also the possibility of interacting with other players, making friends and expressing oneself freely. Social media casinos are still rare, but their number is growing. Maybe in the future all online casinos will be of the social media type – it’s hard to predict.

It is also worth mentioning that popular social media platforms offer their users the ability to participate in gambling games without having to log into third-party websites. Such is the case with Facebook, for example. Unfortunately, it is not possible to play online for real money this way. All you can do after achieving an impressive score is brag about it on your wall.

VR casinos

VR casinos are an absolute novelty, treated more like an Expensive extravagance. Taking into account the growing trend of using such services, though, it’s hard not to give into the impression that traditional online casinos are doomed to go extinct. Of course it will take years before all gambling games move into virtual reality, but it’s a very likely scenario.
When using the right VR headset, you can play poker, baccarat or one-armed bandit, surrounded with a virtual world from all sides, deeply immersed in another dimension. That’s a real treat for the fans of new technologies.
As for the Payment methods, these are the same here as with other online casinos.

What else to take into account when choosing a casino?

We have already mentioned several factors above that every player should take into account when choosing a casino. We’ve talked about payouts, licenses, the RTP rate, renown, as well as other things that influence the quality of services offered by the host. In this paragraph, we will devote some space to less obvious things that still matter just the same.

There are many ways online casinos compete with each other: they outdo each other with the number of bonuses, they increase their stakes, they offer the latest online games, free spins etc. In other words: they try to make their service as appealing as possible. All of that is calculated with gaining as many clients as possible in mind.
The more customers a casino has, the bigger its turnover, which in turn impact the quality of the services offered, as well as the amount of discounts, bonuses and other conveniences. That’s why it is so important to take into account all the elements that might impact how a particular casino will look to the potential players.

A lot can be said about professionalism based on such things as a website’s graphic design. It’s not even about the games, as the owner of an online casino has no control over their graphics or mechanics, more about the platform itself. A clear layout, decorated with colorful graphics and eye-catching texts, is the first step on the way to success. The interface should be convenient, hassle-free, easy to use, and at the same time visually appealing. Some online casinos bear a striking resemblance to brick & mortar temples of gambling.
Such websites simply make you want to visit them. Images of Real croupiers, detailed graphic art and pleasantly looking banners make the website more enjoyable to use. In some of the casinos, the player is walked around subsequent pages by friendly cartoon characters (based on the animated paperclip from Word). Might be just a detail, but it makes the user feel “taken care of”, as false and subconscious as it is.

No online casino should go without games that enable live participation, which means direct interaction with a Real croupier. The best online casinos allow their players to choose between such direct interaction and more anonymous use of the website.
Live casino games make it possible to experience all those emotions that accompany the patrons of brick and mortar casinos. The croupiers, who can be seen on the screen, are not wearing baggy sweaters and tracksuits, but instead are dressed up to the dress code of a brick & mortar casino. The appearance of table games doesn’t leave much to be desired either. At the best casinos you can watch the tables from different points of view, switching From one camera to another. The croupiers working at online casinos speak multiple languages, you can talk to them in your native tongue as well.

Another element worth mentioning is communication with clients and Personal data protection. Some of casinos, for example, run blogs where they communicate directly with the users in the comments. These types of additions are meant to tighten the bonds and warm up the website’s image. It’s a pity that the hosts of casino games overlook this fact and, despite having different tools that make interaction with potential customers possible, they don’t utilize them in one hundred percent.

Another interesting attraction might be Tutorial videos, walkthroughs, tips. Media surveys indicate that gambling enthusiasts prefer elaborate websites expanded with different interesting materials. Currently there’s a growing number of casinos that take the market demands seriously and reach out to meet their consumers’ expectations.
As for personal data, always make sure what it is going to be used for. Even the best online casino might set up traps for their customers.

On top of that, a good online casino won’t withhold any information on any particular game. An inquisitive player will find out the RTP rate of a specific slot either way, so why force them to look it up on their own when they can have this info served on a platter?
A casino that cares about their players and doesn’t keep such things secret probably deserves to be trusted. A top-notch customer service is an advantage that cannot be underestimated.

So now you know what to take into account when searching for the best online casino. We did our best to point out all the factors you should keep in mind when looking.
Online casinos make an interesting Alternative to brick & mortar casinos that is made better by the fact that you don’t have to leave the house. All you need is a computer or any mobile device with Internet access. You can win real money from the comfort of your room, just tapping your finger on the screen.