Where to play the one-armed bandit legally?

Gambling games are subject to strict legal regulations, the one-armed bandit is not an exception. That’s why it’s better to know where you can play it legally, without the risk of getting scammed.

One-armed bandit is one of the most popular gambling games you can play on slot machines. It doesn’t require quick-wit, special skills or any kind of strategy. It boils down to pushing a button that sends several reels spinning. If each of the reels stops at the same symbol, money starts coming out of the side opening. The one-armed bandit can be played at Casinos and amusement parks. It is worth knowing, though, that the venue owner should have a license for slot machines. The slot machines need to be registered.

Where did the one-armed bandit type games come from?

Before we briefly discuss how the games of this type work, it would be reasonable to outline their history. It all started back in the 19th century, 1891 to be exact, when the Prototype of slot machines was invented in the United States. It had five reels marked with poker symbols. It wasn’t until the 1960s, though, when the first real slot machines started being made.

They were much simpler than the modern ones, but just as addictive. Pretty soon they became very popular, as they didn’t require a croupier to be present, and they paid out money on their own. In the 1970s slot machines were equipped with an array of different protective measures to save players from schemings of dishonest gambling game hosts.
Ever since then, one-armed bandit type games started appearing not only at pubs and bars, but also at Casinos.

In the 2000s, the one-armed bandit game witnessed the arrival of its Virtual counterparts. Playing one-armed bandit no longer required leaving the house, visiting amusement parks or Casinos. The so-called Slots, or virtual slot machines, revolutionized the industry.

A lot of new titles appeared on the market, with their style based around famous symbols of pop culture: Hulk, Spiderman or the Fantastic Four. Some of the slots had as many as several hundred paylines. There have also been new systems introduced that are based not around traditional spinning of reels but around different solutions instead, such as the avalanche mechanism (see Gonzo’s Quest).

Another approach currently enjoying huge success is online one-armed bandit with the so-called progressive jackpot, which makes it possible to win as much as over a dozen million euro for the minimum deposit. The vast diversity and multifunctionality of online slot games attracts better than the traditional simplicity of physical slot machines.

One-armed bandit: playing for money

If you feel like playing one-armed bandit, go visit a casino or an amusement park. Due to the Risk of scammers we advise against shady places. There are venues with Illegal slot machines that are rigged so that no user can ever win anything. Owning such slot machines and making them publicly available is illegal.

One can also play a game without leaving the house. The online slot machines make a perfect substitute for the traditional slots. You can also win money with them – and all while lying comfortably in bed, tapping your fingers on the smartphone screen.
An online one-armed bandit is not in any way different from its traditional, “physical” version.
They operate the exact same way. You have to exercise caution when choosing a slot machine, though, so that you don’t get scammed. There are plenty of legal online casinos where you can play one-armed bandit safely.

Free one-armed bandit gambling games without registering?

To play games for money, you usually need to register on the casino’s website first. It is required in order to verify the user. All you can do without registering is play as a test, without rewards or lost money. If you have never played one-armed bandit before, we invite you to make use of such free option. It’s a good way to learn the game’s interface or mechanics.

One-armed bandit – simulators to download

You will easily find one-armed bandit game simulators online that you can download to your own hard drive. The greatest popularity is enjoyed by the Sizzling Hot and Book of Ra simulators. Remember to be careful, though, when downloading files of this type.
Some of them may contain dangerous viruses. That’s why, when you decide to download a simulator, only use Reliable sources. It is also worth noting here that the original versions of such games as Book of Ra have a unique code that is not made publicly available. All kinds of simulators only imitate the original game, as they are not based on its source code.

They are based around their own code that might differ between them. Whereas games of this type at online Casinos are indeed based on random chance, simulators might in fact be programmed to make sure the player doesn’t win very often. They may also have less paylines. When choosing to use a simulator, you never know how big are your chances to win. Playing one-armed bandit in the casino version is 100% random.

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One-armed bandit: what are your odds of winning?

There is no clear answer to the above question, as there are plenty of online Casinos, and each casino offers different gambling games. It needs to be emphasized, though, that it’s easier to win at an online casino. Why?

Physical slot machines are pretty much Not supervised by anyone. The owners of venues with such machines will try different methods to Scam potential players out of their money. It doesn’t obviously apply to all of them, but how can you know if the venue you’re playing at is a trustworthy place?

On top of that, physical slot machines are characterized by their relatively Low RTP rate (it is a measure of returns in one-armed bandits) – it revolves around 85-90%. When converted to different currencies, it means that the average slot owner makes around 10-15 EUR out of an amount of 100 EUR that consists of deposits from individual players.

One-armed bandit

Free games at online Casinos

Playing one-armed bandit online is a whole different thing. Online Casinos are obligated to use source codes obtained from the creator of a particular game. They have no right nor ways to tamper with the code. Which means they cannot deliberately lower the returns on their one-armed bandits. That way the players can be sure that they are not being scammed.

On top of that, one-armed bandit type gambling games are characterized by their higher RTP rate in online Casinos – it revolves around 92-96%. Particularly huge popularity is enjoyed by such titles as Book of Ra or Starburst, as their RTP rate is 96%. However, the Goblin’s Cave, which can be played at Casinoeuro, is above all of the competition – the RTP rate here is as high as 99.3%.
At the Betsson casino, the Blood Suckers game gives returns of 98%. On top of that, the player gets free spins at the start, and during the game they have a chance to earn different kinds of bonuses.

What to keep in mind when playing online?

First and foremost, your own security. Don’t visit shady websites and don’t download files from unknown sources. Free one-armed bandit type games are so popular all around the world that there is no shortage of con artists who tamper with the source codes of gambling games, make illegal slots available online and make money out of their activity. That’s why it is advised to exercise extreme caution.
The most trustworthy are the Casinos licensed on Malta or Gibraltar. It is easy to look up what license a particular casino holds – their website should include such information in its footer, on the bottom of the main page.

It is also a good idea to check which online games are in a particular casino’s offer. If these are productions from such giants as NetEnt, Playtech or Novomatic – such website is definitely trustworthy. The particularly noteworthy titles are: Mega Joker from NetEnt, Columbus and Sizzling Hot from Novomatic, as well as Game of Thrones or Gladiator from the Playtech’s workshop. These are the most refined online games.

One-armed bandit: playing high stakes
Even though one-armed bandit type games are based on random chance, there are actually certain ways to somewhat “outsmart” the slot and increase the odds of winning. It’s the easiest with the games of Sizzling Hot and Goblin’s Cave. These are slots with a high RTP rate. Even though Sizzling Hot has lower initial returns, just like other free games, the player actually gets a welcome bonus at the start, which they can successfully use to their advantage. In the Goblin’s Cave game, the RTP is above 99%.
To make the odds of winning even higher, it’s a good idea to use the Casinos that are known for granting their players additional bonuses. One such casino is Betsson, where the user gets as many as 55 Free spins at the start.

Can you get addicted to one-armed bandit type games?

Certainly, like with every gambling game. The statistics show that about 2-3% of slot machine users fall victim to addiction. These are not very hight numbers, but it’s better not to downplay the risk related to the excess use of slot machines. If you:

  • can’t find time for any other activities, while spending many hours on slots;
  • are trying to solve your financial problems with gambling;
  • spend your last money on slot machines;
  • are so absorbed with playing that you have trouble sleeping;
  • play more than you planned,

That means it’s about time you quit gambling games, at least for some time. If you feel that you can’t deal with the problem on your own, if would be a wise choice to go into psychotherapy, or alternatively to join some support groups. Free gambling games should be more like an escape from reality, and not the main activity.

One-armed bandit online is not only a great way to spend your free time, but also an opportunity to win good money. Online slot machines also require a license and are supervised by relevant institutions that are tasked with preventing game hosts from misuse. That’s why you can go ahead and use them – just remember about moderation!