How to find the best no deposit bonus?

Online casinos are enjoying a growing popularity among gambling enthusiasts. Although brick & mortar venues are still doing great and nothing indicates the situation is about to change, a lot of players are getting more and more eager to use websites offering free gambling games. Online casinos are recording a constant growth in interest from Internet users. Especially the ones that offer free no deposit bonuses. In traditional temples of gambling there are also different kinds of gifts and bonuses, but those certainly cannot compete with the offer of online casinos. Not every online casino favors new players by granting them free spins or discounts, but one has to admit that free no deposit bonuses are an absolute standard these days. How do they work and where to look for them? More on that below.

What’s the difference between a no deposit casino an other online casinos?

Everyone who would like to try their luck in poker, blackjack, roulette or any other gambling game would be happy to start playing without investing their own funds. Online casinos are well aware of that need. They also know that many players wouldn’t start their adventure with gambling if it wasn’t for free bonuses that make it possible to win money not risking anything. That’s exactly why free no deposit bonuses have become an industry-wide standard. They attract new customers who may have never used the services of an online casino had they not been lured in with free bonuses. What is a free no deposit bonus and at what casinos can we get it?

No deposit bonus

A no deposit bonus is a free bonus that is most often granted to new players who have just registered their account on the website. Online casinos also grant those to the most active users (they’re the ones leaving most money there). A welcome bonus usually consists of free spins and potentially other conveniences, such as the ability to play games not available in the normal mode. The number of spins is obviously limited. The biggest number of free spins is offered by the following online casinos: Lapalingo, Cherry Casino, 888 Casino, Coral Casino, Casumo, Bob Casino, Cool Cat Casino, Lucky Creek Casino, ComeOn or Dunder. Besides the spins, they also offer other attractions. Not every no deposit casino can boast such impressive offer.

What are free spins?

Free spins to use that you don’t have to pay for. This term refers to online slots, which means virtual counterparts of slot machines, such as Book of Ra, Lucky Bird, Fortune Clock or Book of Dead. Games of this type consist of spinning the reels that eventually stop at particular graphic symbols. If you draw the same symbol on each reel, you win.

Free spins as a no deposit bonus

Under normal conditions, each spin has to be paid for. Free spins granted under a no deposit bonus allow to play without having to pay. If you get 20 no-deposit free spins for example, you have quite a chance of winning. Some online casinos grant as many as a few dozen free spins, trying to lure in as many new players as possible. The top record-breakers get 100 to 500 free spins.

Types of no deposit bonuses

There are several types of no deposit bonuses. The best known type of bonus are free spins. They can be used by playing particular gambling games. At new casinos you can also get the so-called cashback bonus, which means getting your cash back if you lose. That’s pretty nice, when you think you have lost a substantial amount and then it turns out that you don’t incur any losses thanks to the bonus. Another interesting bonus are free credits, which you need to use within a specified time frame, as well as adding funds that you don’t pay anything for, either. Online casinos add funds to their regular customers’ accounts, and the amount usually depends on the player’s activity.

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What conditions have to be met to get a no deposit bonus?

Most casinos grant free bonuses after registering an account on their website. Account registration usually doesn’t cost anything, but it does require providing personal data. That’s the way the casino protects itself from cheaters. Not to mention that in case of winning they need to know whom to wire money and to what account.

Some online casinos require the user to enter a promotional code they can find in an e-mail they got for example, or to contact the technical support in order to activate new spins or other bonuses. This isn’t much of an inconvenience, all you have to do is call the number provided and speak a few words with a consultant.

no deposit bonuses

How to use casino bonuses?

Casino bonuses make playing much easier. You don’t have to deposit any money to be able to win. Despite every no deposit bonus having its absolute limit, it is still pretty common for new players to win impressive amounts right at the start, without investing anything. For the casino it is a significant financial burden, but they will sooner or later make up for the loss (the most popular online casinos are visited by web users from all over the world).

Once you do get a no deposit bonus, try to make the best use of it. Prepare a gambling strategy beforehand, do not waste the resources received on slots that you don’t know, that you haven’t played before. Make sure to learn all the rules of a particular game. It might turn out that in order to get winnings, you need to first meet certain criteria. Pay attention to the RTP rates as well (we have written about RTP in earlier articles, we invite you to check them out). Try not to waste your no deposit bonus and to squeeze the most out of the discounts granted.

No deposit gambling games

It would also be nice to mention what you can play without a deposit. If you’d like to try your luck with roulette, blackjack or slot machines – you can expect a huge bonus. Unless playing with a croupier is what you want – when choosing such option, chances are you will have to place a deposit. In exchange you can get a 100% bonus, which is an additional amount equal to what you have deposited. Most of the time, however, no deposit bonuses can be used for nearly every game. Below we’ll try to present the most popular games that you can play without a deposit.

No deposit slots

Slots, or the online version of the one-armed bandit, are a definite leader on this list. Online casinos are eager to give new players free spins, which allow them to win substantial amounts without depositing anything. Regulars can get 100 to 500 spins in certain places.

The most popular manufacturer of slots where the player gets a no deposit bonus at the start is the NetEnt company. In such games as Dracula, Gonzo’s Quest or The Invisible Man the user has a chance to win decent amounts by cleverly using their casino bonuses. In the world of gambling there are also other famous manufacturers such as Playtech, Microgaming or Betsoft. All those brands constitute the very top in the slot industry.

No deposit roulette

Among the tabletop games, it is the roulette that is most often picked by newbies. Why? Because it is simple enough not to cause any problems using the bonuses. Users can choose among the American, French or European roulette. They can play each of them without depositing anything. It is worth noting here that a vast majority of roulettes available at online casinos is a work of the companies listed above, which lead the way on the gambling game market. For casino customers it means many hours of great fun.

No deposit blackjack

The third place on our list is taken by blackjack. It’s a world-famous card game with rules that aren’t very difficult to figure out. No deposit bonuses apply here as well. Everyone who would like to try their luck in cards can expect to play the first few rounds for free. At least that’s how it looks at the best online casinos. As you can see, then, a no deposit bonus doesn’t cover just free spins at slot machines. Online casinos try to make their offer as flexible as possible in order to meet the expectations of all customers, regardless of their individual preferences or experience.

No deposit bonuses – the conclusion

Every no deposit casino has at least a few games to offer that you can play Without risking losing your own funds. The slot fans have it the best: online casinos spare no free spins, hoping to find regular customers among their new players. Free spins, however, are not all that there is to the bonus offers of online casinos. You can also play other gambling games without a deposit, such as roulette or blackjack. See for yourself.