What is a hotspot game?

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to make money? Try your luck with hot spot games.

Hot spot is another name for slot machines. This term is also used as a name for a specific genre of gambling games. Whenever hotspot games are mentioned, it’s actually about one of the games available for slot machines. It’s a great way to make some extra money, although you have to be prepared for the possibility of losing the invested funds. That’s what gambling is about, after all.

A hotspot game – the rules

The hot spot games are based on very simple principles. By pushing a button (or pulling a lever), the player sends a row of reels into motion that start spinning very fast. The game’s result depends on the combination of symbols that the reels stop at.
Getting the same graphic symbols in one line results in winning money. How big the sum is depends on the number and type of the symbols you get. For example, two bananas may give a better result than two apples – or the other way round. It all depends on the rules of a hot spot game.

The hot spot type gambling games: where did they come from?

The hot spot type gambling games owe their name to two classic titles: Sizzling Hot and Ultra Hot. Those were the first games of the type that pushed the development of the entire genre in a new direction. To this day, every hot spot game refers to some degree to these selections.
Over the years, the genre obviously evolved. More options have appeared, more bonuses, with the advent of Internet came web clones that could be played online for free. These days slot enthusiasts have a whole array of different titles at their disposal, the most popular of which being the following:

Sizzling Hot (5 spinning reels, 5 paylines; the characteristic feature of this game are specific symbols, especially sevens and stars),
Ultra Hot (3 reels, the additional Gamble option that allows to double the winnings; the graphic symbols mainly include plums, lemons and oranges),
Always Hot (a younger clone of the Sizzling Hot game, faithful in nearly every regard to its predecessor),
Ultimate Hot (the characteristic feature of this game is its appealing graphics),
Burning Hot (3 reels, large winnings and unique atmosphere: the design is stylized after eight-bit computer systems).

All of the titles listed above differ in terms of visuals, soundtrack and the playability level, but they remain the same in their basic premise. Each of them is about getting a combination of the same symbols.

Bonuses in an online hot spot game

The monetary rewards are not the only kind of award that can be won in a hotspot type game. Depending on the combination of symbols the reels stopped at, free spins or other enticing bonuses can be won as well.

What are free spins?

They simply mean spinning the reels for free.
In online casinos, a specific amount of them is usually given to every new user. Upon registering an account on the website, the player receives something like 10 free spins in a hot spot type game. Once they’re used up, every subsequent spin needs to be paid for.

Another useful type of bonus is multiplying the winnings thanks to getting a specific combination of symbols several times in a row. Despite the hotspot games being overall very similar to one another, there are still significant differences between them.
In Book of Ra, for example, the rules are slightly different than in Sizzling Hot. That’s why, before you start playing, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the game’s rules.

Hotspot – games within your reach

Free hot spot games online, such as one-armed bandits for example, can be played without leaving the house. All you need is a computer or a mobile device with Internet access. Renowned online casinos have a wide array of hotspot games in their offer that are played by users around the world.
This widespread availability has one crucial advantage: the rollover jackpots for online slots are much bigger than in traditional arcade machines. After all, they have Internet users from all over the world leaving their money in them.
That’s the reason behind such popularity of online hot spots. Particular slot machines differ from one another not only in the graphic elements, detailed rules or the soundtrack, but also the RTP rate, or the return rate. Some slot machines pay money more often than others. It applies not only to physical machines but also gambling games available online.

hotspot game

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Free hot spot games online

You can also Play online for free. Online slot machines in demo version allow you to get familiar with this form of entertainment. Free hot spot games are available on many websites, not necessarily related to online gambling. If you prefer to play for money, though, make sure to only use services of legal casinos. Some of them have free hot spot games in their offer, but it’s always the most fun to play for money.

Different producers

The enthusiasts of hot spot type gambling games have a lot to choose from. It might seem that all slots are the same and only differ in details. And yet the details make a difference, especially for experienced connoisseurs of the genre. Which is why it’s better to know which producers lead the way on the hot spot game market. These are mainly three companies: Novomatic, Microgaming and Net Entertainment (abbreviated Netent).

Novomatic stands the highest in the ranking thanks to the high quality and refinement of their games, as well as their greatest experience. The company has been on the market since the 1980s and is still growing strong. At first they manufactured slot machines, today they focus on online hot spot games. Their offer includes such gems as Sizzling Hot or Book of Ra.

Microgaming is the second best company making hot spot games. Their history dates back to the mid 1990s. The characteristic feature of this producer is their retro mannerism – both in terms of the look of their slots and the graphics in different gambling games. This company’s productions are characterized by their high quality and recurring graphic themes: the famous sevens and cherries are likely to appear in the dreams of many hot spots enthusiasts.

Net Entertainment also has a fairly rich experience in making hot spot games. The company has been on the market since the 1990s and they’re keeping up with the two previously mentioned giants. Their offer is mainly directed towards those who expect more from hot spots than just good time. The Net Entertainment productions are a real masterpiece. Impressive animations, realistic graphics and obvious pop-culture references are attracting more and more fans.

Each of the producers listed above has different hot spot games to offer, directed at specific target groups. If you’re a fan of this type of games, you will definitely find something for yourself in their abundant offer.

Hot spot – money

There’s more to hot spot games than just great time. It is also a chance to make fast and easy money. If you’re not brave enough to invest your own funds, you can use free spins offered by most casinos. By playing free hot spot games online, thanks to the bonus spins, you can also earn quite a lot of money.