Casino games: What can you play at online casinos?

The development of new technologies has rendered that casino games have moved from traditional gambling temples to the web. They are used every day by millions of users around the world. They are no different from classic games of this type – they also allow you to earn real money.

Casino games have already entered the world wide web landscape for good. They have a large fan base that is still growing. If you haven’t used Virtual casinos yet and would like to try, we encourage you first to familiarize yourself with the Types of available games. For the needs of new users, we have created A Short overview of the most popular ones.

Casino games – slot machines

The so-called slot machines are the most popular among online gambling fans. They are the simplest and don’t require the participation of other players or the dealer. Slot machine games are all about clicking just one button (this is called spin).

Each slot usually has at least 3 reels that are set in motion when clicked. The player scores points if the same motif, e.g., banana, appears on the specified number of reels after stopping the machine. It’s up to you whether you play for fun, without the risk or for real money. Some casinos offer Free spins to all registered users, of course, within a set limit. Such a welcome bonus encourages you to play and allows you to earn quite considerable amounts without having to place a deposit. Here are some of the most popular slot machines.

Free games: Hot Spot

Hot Spot is one of the most recognizable games of its kind, available in all online casinos. It has had an incredible commercial success – first in stationary casinos and then online casinos. Virtual Hot Spot slot machines are not inferior to traditional gambling machines in any way, they are even more refined, with captivating colourful graphics. The number of Free spins available to the player varies depending on the casino. The best producer of Hot Spot games is Microgaming.

Free games: Book of Ra

This inconspicuous game also presents a very high quality. Here, the motifs are Egyptian props, covered with the patina of time: sarcophagi, pyramids, ancient books, and mysterious symbols. The game creates a unique atmosphere, for which many players give up other slot machines in order to play for real money in the world of powerful pharaohs. There are numerous bonuses to gain, as well as a huge number of Free spins. Even though the Book of Ra is old, it still enjoys an unwavering popularity among gambling enthusiasts.

Free games: Sizzling Hot

The one-armed bandit can take on different faces – in this case, the main theme consists of fruits. This is a classic of the genre, a title that no one who enjoys free slots should overlook. Sizzling Hot provides great entertainment and offers big winnings. The graphics leave nothing to be desired, especially in newer versions. If you’re looking for a non-demanding title, which at the same time is addictive, you should definitely Play Sizzling Hot.

Free games: Mega Joker

Mega Joker is a game for demanding individuals, as it is a bit more complicated and more interesting. It was created relatively late, but gained loyal fans in a very short time, whose number is still growing (as shown by casino statistics). Mega Joker has 40 pay lines! No other gambling game can boast such an impressive number. Colourful graphics, referring to the well-known symbols of pop culture, also deserve a mention here. In Mega Joker, you can choose a gamble option that doubles the winnings if the reels stop at the same motifs or leaves the player with nothing. Gamblers with a high tendency to risk will certainly appreciate this unique opportunity. Other slot machines do not pay out such high winnings. Besides, most casinos offer new players free Mega Joker spins.

One-armed bandit – types

Online casinos are full of virtual slot machines, which differ from each other in certain aspects, though all operate on similar terms. The slot machines of the most popular brands can be divided into several separate groups:

  • three-reel – is the best-known type of slot machine, with 3 reels and 1 payline;
  • five-reel – five reels and more than one payline;
  • multi-row – you can bet on multiple rows at once;
  • multi-spin – each reel stops separately;
  • progressive – the payout is not made immediately, winnings accumulate and multiply themselves.

The choice of games in online casinos is therefore really broad and anyone looking for a decent level of entertainment is sure to find something for themselves. Remember that an online casino should have a permit to operate this type of gambling! A lack of license means there is no foundation for trust.

casino games

Casino games – Roulette

Roulette is also a straightforward and popular game. It has the form of a circle with numbered compartments on which the virtual ball spins. The player needs to place a bet on one of the fields. If the ball stops in the field of your choice, you win real money. You can also bet on one of two colors the partitions are painted in or an even or odd number.

The following Types of roulette are distinguished.

  • Premier Roulette – European roulette, where the rules benefit the player the most. In its online version, it has extremely detailed, refined graphics that please the eye. It is one of the best Microgaming titles we have mentioned when discussing slot machines.
  • French Roulette – European roulette, providing hours of great entertainment. The graphics here are a little less impressive, but they also keep the standard. The intuitive, user-friendly interface does not cause any problems when navigating.
  • Common Draw Roulette – an interesting option for all those who would like to play European roulette together with other real players online.
  • Zoom Roulette – unlike the above mentioned titles, Zoom Roulette does not exert time pressure on the player, and at the same time it is distinguished by its colourful, slightly pastel-like graphics that create a unique atmosphere. Ideal for long winter evenings. Here, you can also use Free spins.

We’ve only listed the four most noteworthy titles above, but of course the choice of games of this type is much greater. Online casinos have games that may vary in some ways, but of course they all Remain true to traditional roulette rules – it’s still the same game. A casino with a good reputation should offer at least 2 versions.

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Casino games – Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most famous casino games in the world. The player has one goal: to get exactly 21 points, neither less nor more. One to eight decks of 52 cards are used for the game. Each figure has a specific point value. You get two cards from the deck, just like the dealer.
Your cards are dealt face-up, and one dealer’s card remains face down. You have several options to choose from: pick a card, don’t pick, double the stake, split cards, or choose so-called insurance. If you exceed 21 points or you don’t reach it, you lose.
If you try to play blackjack, you will see just how interesting and addictive this game is.

Casino games – Recap

Obviously, the above list doesn’t exhaust all types of casino games, but it gives you some idea about them. Gambling generally sparks strong emotions – after all, real money is at stake. Therefore, this kind of entertainment should therefore be Used in moderation, especially if we are on a modest budget.